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Fucking My Sister-in-law
Ms Paris Rose
The sister-in-law comes over one night to borrow some of her sister's lingerie. The brother-in-law peeks in as she is changing and starts a conversation. It's been a long time since she has gotten fucked and she is extremely wet and horny. Eventually he asks is she wants to fuck and so immediately starts...

Tags: BlowJobs, Close-Ups, Cream Pies, Doggy Style
All Dressed up and Ready to CUM
Ms Paris Rose
Ms Paris gets a new sexy outfit and is trying it on. From her new black stripper heels, new black mini skirt to the dazzling red corset, she looks hot as fuck and knows it. She gets so horny in fact, she uses her favorite dildo and brand new clit sucking vibrator to get in a few orgasms before taking...

Tags: Close-Ups, Female Masturbation, Mature, MILF
Strip Club Bartender Gets it OFF!
Ms Paris Rose
So we decide to go to the local strip club and there was this HOT bartender. After some adult beverages we manage to get her on the bar, on the stage then completely NAKED in the VIP room. There was a bigger audience in the VIP room than in the club!

Tags: Close-Ups, Doggy Style, MILF, Public Nudity
John Calls Over a New Friend
Ms Paris Rose
John and his wife are out of town and the wife decides to go out without him. John has heard of Paris and decides to call her over to his hotel room. She negotiates, then sucks his cock, fucks him cowgirl and gets a huge creampie. A professional escort knows how to please!

Tags: BlowJobs, Close-Ups, Cream Pies, Cum Shots
The Wife's Best Friend is a REAL SLUT!
Ms Paris Rose
So John comes home after a long day at work and who does he find dressed in his wife's satin robe waiting for him in the bedroom? His wife's best friend. She's naked, horny and ready to fuck because she's a real slut. She starts with a blowjob then climbs on top for her pussy to get licked sixty-nine....

Tags: BlowJobs, Just Fucking, MILF, Role Play
Paris, Peeing On The Road
Ms Paris Rose
Being a private party entertainer for bachelor parties means Paris is on the road all the time. She doesn't like to take up time stopping to pee but obviously she has to. It might be she can go inside a store, but if there's not a store close, the side of the road isn't a problem. Once, she ran out of...

Tags: Close-Ups, Flashing, Mature, MILF
Gambling Debts
Ms Paris Rose
Paris gets a call from her husband who owes a gambling debt that she needs to go pay for him. When she gets there, she has a plan of her own and it's to fuck the guy and keep some of the money. She starts off with a strip tease and moved down for a blowjob, but this get really wild as she takes it hard...

Tags: BlowJobs, Cum Shots, Cum Swallowers, Doggy Style
Full Nude Stripping in Public
Ms Paris Rose
Paris spends her day going from place to place getting completely nude in public and dancing around. She don't care where either. The library, the tattoo shop, the parking lot or the elevator, she's good with it all.

Tags: MILF, Public Nudity, Role Play, Strip Tease
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Ms Paris Rose
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